XIX century Grotto

Restoration of a historic 19th-century grotto in Bauman Garden. The grotto is a peculiar structure from the late Eclecticism period, which in its forms gravitates toward one of the types of park buildings. The first stage was anti-damage works, then painstaking restoration works began on the lost fragments of the Grotto’s stonework. The completely lost arch and staircase on the left side of the entrance to the Grotto were reconstructed, and the partially lost one on the right side was restored. Eliminated the consequences of using the Grotto as a beer garden during Soviet times. The Soviet-era technical room in the hill, used as a kitchen for the beer garden, has been restored and adapted for a video installation. A surprise was the almost completely preserved cascade discovered under the cultural layer, which.
A safe passage was built between the observation platform on the hill and the platform on the Grotto, and a fence and benches were installed. After about half a century, the Grotto was finally returned to the city!