The New Square of the Moscow Kremlin

The New Square of the Moscow Kremlin

The modern urban environment can be quite sensitive to historical context. With this project, we are addressing that concern.

The territory of the New Square of the Moscow Kremlin has become the location for the underground museum of the Chudsky Monastery, which stood here a century ago. The square serves as an entrance to the archaeological museum of the Chudsky Monastery, nestled beneath a verdant mound.
A sweeping white curve of the retaining wall divides the square’s territory into a plaza and a landscaped park, beneath which lies the archaeological museum. The retaining wall itself stands as a piece of art — a 100-meter long sculpture made of dazzling white concrete, harmonizing with the white-stone cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin. The pavement pattern, featuring varied sizes of split and polished tiles, pays homage to historical cobblestones with a contemporary twist. This unique structure in a distinctive location epitomizes the harmonious coexistence of historical landmarks and modern urban development.

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