Bike Parking

Bike Parking

Using the example of the Shchukino district, we propose the development of bicycle infrastructure for residents. To ensure maximum convenience for cycling, secure parking is needed in public areas and the ability to leave bicycles in the courtyard. In this way, bicycles can serve as a fully-fledged form of transportation and be used daily. The issue of storing bicycles is especially acute for residents of buildings without elevators, as it is inconvenient to carry bicycles in the elevator. Sometimes bicycles are stored in the stairwell, but this is unsafe, as anyone can enter and take the bicycle (even with a concierge present). For daily trips, it is much more convenient to store the bicycle outside of the apartment. But where? We propose a network of compact bicycle parking facilities in the courtyard. Such a bicycle parking facility consists of individual container modules, and the number of modules can vary. That is, each bicycle is assigned its own enclosed compartment. 10 bicycles can be stored in the space of just one car parking space. It is closed and therefore protects the bicycle from rain, snow, and theft. Most importantly, people should be able to leave their bicycles and be confident that they will not be stolen. Such parking facilities can be placed in courtyards and rented out to residents. Bicycle parking facilities near the metro stations work on the principle of intercept parking for cars: you leave your bicycle in a secure parking lot and continue your journey by metro. Currently, many metro stations have standard parking facilities, but they are not secured, and leaving a bicycle there for a whole working day is not very safe. The bicycle parking facilities we propose will be equipped with a guard booth and/or video cameras. It is clear that many bicycle parking facilities are needed near the metro, and the problem is solved by a two-level storage system. In our project, 60 bicycles can be stored in a parking facility the size of a couple of typical kiosks.

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