Borovitskaya square

This is the project of improvement of Borovitskaya square in Moscow

Present perception of the place as a green hill remains. The sculpture has been put on a podium, so that it dominates the space of a small pedestrian square and coexists harmoniously with historical surrounding at the same time. Visual connection of the sculpture and the square with the city remains because landform gaps. Landscape is organized in the way that allows to separate the square from noisy road. The main concept of the space is pedestrian communication as Mokhovaya street intersects here the green ring around the Kremlin (Aleksandrovskiy garden, Kremlin embankment, etc.). Pedestrian communication on the square itself can be organized in differet ways: a stairway, a terrace stairway or a ramp. Intersection of pedestrian paths forms a square near the monument which is a conceptual center of the space. A viewing platform provides comfortable sightseeing away from noisy street.

The concept also prescribes the usage of granite slabs which were part of previous project, and of border stone of different radius for improving a terraced hill. Breastwalls have a lighting built-in so that it creates an evening scenario.