Rebranding of GAZ dealer centers

“Narodny Architect” has developed an updated corporate standard for GAZ dealerships. It is a graphic expression of GAZ’s new philosophy, built on informal long-term relationships with the customer. The dealership becomes a creative space, a laboratory of business ideas, where in addition to buying a car you can get consultations on starting a business, its further support or take part in training programs developed at GAZ.
All architectural and artistic solutions create a single barrier-free sales environment. The white surfaces of the walls and metal details create the feeling of a laboratory where new business processes are born. As an accent – the navigation-microchip. The main color in the interior, in addition to white, is a shade of blue typical of the GAZ brand. It highlights the key functional areas of the showroom. Taken together, this results in a laconic, modern and at the same time memorable interior.
Exterior solutions are built on a maximum demonstration of GAZ branding. The proportions and details of the facade solutions create a memorable, laconic image, evoking associations with the chrome grille. The combination of a noble dark gray hue and minimalistic logo elements in the form of light boxes creates a new modern style which is close to European hi-tech stylistics. The landscaping of the adjacent territory is also integrated into the unified branding system through the use of a modular system of pylons, flags, and demonstration zones. Each of the elements becomes part of a single system of a barrier-free loft creative space – a laboratory of business ideas.