Interiors of the Yusupov palace

This is global reorganisation of the whole storey of the Yusupov palace and an outbuilding followed by construction of the new entrance. The palace has not seen such global changes since the Yusupov family times. As a result of these, expositional space will be increased significantly, and visitors will get the opportunity to see impressive vaulted rooms of the underground floor.

In the outbuilding, there will be constructed a new entrance for individual visitors, and also a chic modern café under Monnier’s vaulting. There also will be situated a mock-up of the palace provided with information about the object.

Historical basements of the Yusupov palace were used for utility and storage. This formed their complicated structure and narrowness of some compartments. The project solves a difficult problem of organising a convenient and modern museum space. To achieve this, we’ve distinguished two transit corridors out of the chaos of the basement. This way we’ve excluded the possibility of crossing in visitors’ traffic. Brick vaulting and walls will be cleared from excess layers to reveal historical walls of the palace that once belonged to the richest family of the Russian Empire.