The Avant-garde to be!

Exhibition project of Museum of architecture and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation devoted to the period of the true greatness of Soviet architecture, the era of the revolutionary ideas of the builders of the new world, the Soviet architectural avant-garde. The exhibition is about 5 projects adaptations of masterpieces of the avant-garde. The exhibition was held in the framework of the festival of “Zodchestvo” 2014: actual identical.
Visitors were able to stroll through constructivist Moscow, Leningrad, Yekaterinburg, watch famous thesis project Leonidov, to see the masterpieces of the avant-garde from the height of bird flight. Separately want to mention the media part of the project – our web Department in the person of Sergei Topunov made a digitized version of the landmark journal of constructivist SA for 1926-1930
Spatial decision – modular tables and tablets was originally designed by us for further use on other exhibition venues.
I want to thank the exhibition Department of the Museum of architecture and personally Irina Chepkunova and Pauline Streltsova who’s travelled with us great job and curator Irina Korablina for supporting our ideas.