A city-wide project, created with the support of Schusev State Museum of Architecture, includes a network of pedestrian routes connected by a system of navigation. The project components are the navigation system, information stands and guides. Altogether they are united as a brand MosVid. “In 1863, you would have been here” — that’s how the map takes you to Moscow of a century and a half ago. The guides include a lot of useful information about history and development of the city for tourists and citizens.
In addition, the project includes the best view points of the city, where there are engineered urban binoculars with interchangeable lenses. Lenses complete reality and allow to see a Moscow that could have existed if the story has turned a different course. One can see the urban landscapes that are not there anymore, the buildings that were never constructed, the lost heritage… The project involves conducting educational actions supported by the museums of Moscow. These may take place in different public spaces, helping popularization of the museums and expanding their sphere.