Signage and wayfinding system on Elagin island

Design of navigation modules is versatile and allows to develop the system on course of time.
The concept involves the use of four major types of media.
Its basis is formed by the vertical information signs of two types, which provide orientation throughout the park. Index stands of major routs contain complete information about location of the main attractions of the park and a mini-map showing the location. They also provide basic scenarios of visiting the park (locations of the museums, the Palace ensemble, etc.) Index stands of minor routs provide information about closest objects and brief information to navigate anywhere in the park.
A map rack displays a detailed map of the park with brief information on all the attractions. It can be supplemented with a billboard, where there can be placed information about the main events and activities of the Elagin park. Stands with information about attractions are placed directly next to them and provide full information on the object and its functions (in particular, the concept involves an additional module with information about the museums). As a base, we’ve chosen a light-coloured material, with the use of neutral texture, which is practical in use. Load-carrying framework is made of metal, painted with powder paint. Signs are made of innovational material called ARCHSKIN that has high strength, frost resistance, resistance to chemical attack.