The Architectural Heritage National Festival

This is the project of the first Architectural Heritage National Festival held at the Manège. NRDN has developed a concept of the space of the festival that was dedicated to architectural heritage of the XX century and to the avant-garde.
In this project, we’ve decided not to go for separate pavilions traditionally created for such events. Whole hall of the Manège is divided just by participants’ straight expositional walls that are placed obliquely. These walls form an entire composition of the latin number XX. Not only this solution represents the avant-garde spirit, but it is also efficient as both sides of every wall are used. It is rather important when there is several thousands of square meters of workspace.
As a result, triangle- and diamond-shaped spaces became platforms for business programme, curator projects and three-dimensional suprematist installations.
We express our gratitude to the president of the Union of Architects of Russia Nikolai Shumakov and to the curator of the festival Irina Markina for productive joint effort.