The project of reconstruction of the Triumphal Square

Project for the competition under the auspices of Moscow architecture Committee.
Urban gardens are a city view, not ceasing day or night, with a constantly changing scenario and thrilling story. Shady garden in the midst of rapid movement or light installation of the luminous pillars; a perfect place for a Cup of coffee or a business meeting with great views; modern art exhibition or a walk on the luminous paving; auditorium under the stars or just a last impression of the city on the way to the metro station…
Spatial organization all the properties area collected in a spatial grid – urban garden, consisting of lights, trees, temporary structures, art objects, objects of improvement. Thus the square is full of activity, functions and power of the city; created new conditions for carrying out therein.
The project not provided for capital construction, the space is organized by means of the terrain and the objects of improvement. Part of the area adjacent to the hotel “Beijing” is functionally merged with the space around the monument to Mayakovsky.