Corporate brand of Kerama Marazzi

“NRDN’ has developed a brand identity for KERAMA MARAZZI, the largest Russian manufacturer of ceramic decorative materials. The updated brand identity is a complete design system that adapts to different formats from business cards to advertising banners. The studio has designed business documentation, corporate souvenirs, advertisements, brand icons, presentations, social media and store branding for the company.

The brand color chosen is aquamarine, complemented by a graphite shade mainly used as a background color. Their combination creates a recognizable and concise style for the KERAMA MARAZZI brand. The company logo has also been polished and brought to its ideal state. In the new scheme, it works in conjunction with a graphic grid, referring to tile layout drawings.

The studio’s visual concepts reflect the philosophy of KERAMA MARAZZI, which offers comprehensive solutions for interiors in various styles and price segments.”